Daniel and Daniel in-laws problem 4 Important things to file Divorce in Chennai

4 Important things to file Divorce in Chennai

Before filing divorce in Chennai, one should fulfil the 4 important things for purpose of jurisdiction.

  1. Residence of wife: A Hindu wife can file a petition for Divorce where she resides. This never permits for the Christian and Muslim Wives. Even though it is a religious arbitrariness permitted by law, the Hindu wife enjoys this right which was denied to other religions.
  2. Residence of the Opposite party: A wife can file a divorce petition where the husband resides, vice versa the husband can file a divorce petition where the wife resides. Residence of opposite party creates the jurisdiction to file a Divorce petition in Chennai.
  3. Place of Marriage: If the Temple, Church, Mosque, Hotel, Marriage Hall or the register office in which the marriage was performed under special marriage Act and any other place where the marriage was performed within the limits of the Family court jurisdiction at Chennai, then a person both the wife and the husband can file divorce petition in Chennai.
  4. Lastly resided Together: If the spouse whom they lastly resided at the Court limits of Chennai, then they can file divorce at Chennai. But if the place is not lastly resided then they lose the right to file divorce petition in Chennai.

When a person satisfied the above conditions then they have completed right to file a divorce case in Chennai.

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