Child Custody

Child Custody

Legal Provisions for child custody

Mother Custody: Until the age of 5 years custody of the child will be with the mother.

Father Custody: The custody of the father is decided only when the child gets better education and living atmosphere. In case when the mother is lunatic, living in an adulterous life or a immoral life and habits the child custody goes to the father.

Visitation Rights: when the child is growing with one of the parents, the other parent has visitation rights which can be mutually agreed by the parents or as decided by the court.

Natural Guardian : Both the father and the mother are the natural guardians. If the natural guardians are died then court has to appoint the guardian for the child for the maintenance of the child and child property including educational and health matters.

Child custody for grand parents: If one of the spouse is died and the other spouse is living a new married life, then the grand parents can make a petition to the court to get child custody in such circumstances for the betterment of the child life.

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